“To the person, the best leaders I know are prolific readers. The most successful people I know consume written content at a pace that far exceeds that of the average person. If you want to improve your station in life, as well as the lives around you–read more… I have little patience for those leaders who are ‘too busy’ or ‘too smart’ or ‘too important’ to learn. Put simply, if you’re not learning, you have no business leading.”

Mike Myatt, Hacking Leadership, p. 124.

In our internet-driven, social media-crazed world, reading well, or with deep concentration, is becoming a lost ability. Furthermore, reading well is a skill developed by reading widely. With those facts in mind, the “Books” category will highlight books that I have read.

Reviews will focus on books that I found helpful, and that I recommend to my subscribers.

Critiques will highlight books that I disagree with and do not recommend.

I hope both will encourage readers to branch out and read more.

Photo by Karen Carkhuff, ginsengphotography.squarespace.com

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